About us

ProPlus is an engineering company that will be by your side from the initial stages of project design to the final completion and handover of the building. We also offer optimization of all building infrastructure (devices) over the course of their lifetime. Our extensive knowledge of Central and Southern Europe (Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro) makes us the right choice, if you are looking for a reliable business partner for investing in this part of Europe.

Our Expertise

ProPlus is a leading and influential Slovenian company that offers an all-inclusive range of engineering services for the public and private sectors, as well as public-private partnerships.

The Team

ProPlus has a staff of 15 experts with a wide array of skills and knowledge. We take care to work with young professionals. Providing scholarships, we recruit the best in their respective fields even before they graduate. Afterwards, they receive on-the-job coaching under the supervision of experienced colleagues.

We Care for Our Customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We embrace two-way communications between customers and our engineering team, and make sure that people we work with understand why and how our solutions will help to achieve project’s targets.

Community Testimonials

In our region, we are not well-known simply because of our excellence. We also take on short execution deadlines and solve problems that our competitors cannot handle. Please see, what some of our customers think of us.

Sustainable Engineering

We are advocates of sustainable and low-energy construction. In the project preparation stage, we pay particular attention to the physical attributes of construction (heat, acous- tics, moisture), which are ignored by many of our competitors due to their lack of qualified personnel.

Certified Partner

We are critical about our work; therefore, we perform internal auditing. This is one of the reasons ProPlus can proudly present its ISO 9001:2008 certificate. We have also received the Excellent SME certificate, issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Our company ranks in the top 3% of companies in its field in the country. The Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians has presented us with its Award for the Advancement of Civil Engineering.

Delivering the Results

In the previous 15 years, we have participated in projects with a combined investment value of €3 billion. We have completed over a thousand projects for over three hundred satisfied investors.