Areas of Activity & Services

In previous years, we have successfully completed investment projects with a combined value of over €3 billion. We confidently take on advisory, investment and engineering, and supervisory work in the following areas.


Socially Important Investments

  • Educational facilities (faculties, libraries, schools, kindergartens, student dormitories)
  • Sports and recreational facilities  (gyms, halls, courts)
  • Facilities for art and cultural activities (theatres, galleries, concert halls, archives)
  • Social infrastructure facilities (health care institutions, retirement homes)

Residential Buildings

  • Blocks of flats
  • Houses

Commercial Buildings

  • Separate office buildings
  • Business parks
  • Shops and shopping centres
  • Office spaces

Investments in Industry and Crafts, Technology Transfer between Business Subjects

  • Warehouses
  • Drying rooms
  • Production halls

Investments Into Municipal Infrastructure and Ecology

  • Waste management
  • Treatment plants and cleaning systems for municipal waste and waste water
  • Sewer systems.
  • Water supply systems.

Our company ranks in the top 3% of companies in its field in the country.

Kotlovnica - Študentski dom Maribor



Preparation of the Investments and Investment Documentation

  • We perform market research and research the Client’s ideas and concepts.
  • We advise and help the Client when choosing the optimal route to the set goal.
  • We look for appropriate plots of land.
  • We conduct spatial verification.
  • We prepare program and project outlines and spatial placements.
  • We help with the execution of town planning and architectural tenders.
  • We represent investors in tender, legal and administrative proceedings.
  • We assist in securing investment resources (tender applications).
  • We prepare investment documentation.

Planning, Reviews and Auditing

  • We organise and supervise all stages of the project documentation cycle.
  • We create the project documentation (concept draft, project outline, project for the issuing of a building permit, project for execution, implementation work project).
  • We do the research and analyses regarding building physics (heat, acoustics, moisture) and energy consumption.
  • We provide auditing of project documentation.
  • We prepare energy performance IDs.

Investor Representation during Construction

  • We perform technical monitoring.
  • We supervise the construction and finances.
  • We coordinate work site safety.

Monitoring of Completed Buildings

  • We supervise the removal of warranty-covered faults.
  • We monitor the building energy levels.
  • We provide building maintenance.


We Provide Coordination for all Construction Stages as well as:

  • Project documentation goals are met.
  • Quality standards are met.
  • All operations are compliant with relevant law.
  • Administrative activities are properly coordinated until the operating licence is issued.

We Provide Coordination for the Elimination of Faults During the Warranty Period and Optimisation of Operation of Installed Machinery