An overview of recognizable references and ongoing projects

University of Maribor: New construction of G2 extension to the building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Municipality of Benedikt: Benedikt Primary School and its gym
University of Maribor, Student dormitories of the University of Maribor: Student Dormitory 5 renovation
Stavbar gradnje: New construction of a commercial and residential building B1, C1 with garages at Pobrežje
Terme Olimia: Emergency restoration of the roof above the indoor pool Termalia in Terme Olimia
Municipality of Kope:r Renovation of the Koper Theatre building
University of Maribor, Faculty of Law: Reconstruction of the faculty building
Municipality of Dobrna: Renovation and new construction of Dobrna Primary School with the new construction of a cultural centre and library
Velenje Medical Centre: Rearrangement of the diagnostic laboratory of the Velenje Medical Centre
Municipality of Maribor: Renovation, restoration, reconstruction and new construction of the Minorite Monastery for use by the Maribor Puppet Theatre
Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi: Construction of the radlje ob Dravi Primary school gym
NLB Leasing, and the Ministry of Education and Sports: Construction of the Technical secondary school Koper
Municipality of Trbovlje: Construction of a water treatment plant and municipal infrastructure in the middle Sava River basin – 1st stage
Municipality of Maribor: Restoration of the monument to the National Liberation Struggle
Municipality of Pesnica: Construction of an extension to the kindergarten in Pesnica pri Mariboru
Municipality of Apače: Construction of a low-energy kindergarten building in Apače
Ormož Municipality: New construction of the Ormož Kindergarten
Preddvor Retirement Home: Energy-saving building restoration and renovation
Business Support centre Kranj: Introduction of sustainable energy system in 6 public buildings (5 primary schools and 1 public pool) in the municipalities of Kranjska Gora, Gorje, Bled, Poljane, Žiri (Project REAAL)
Real Estate Fund of pension and disability insurance, and the Public Housing Fund of the Municipality of Koper: New construction of a building with sheltered housing for senior citizens at Olmo Koper
Arcont IP: Construction of a multi-residential building in Spodnja Ščavnica
Municipality of Žalec: Construction of the Griže Primary School with a gym and kindergarten, and landscaping
Oplast: Construction of a commercial and office building Oplast Tepanje
University of Ljubljana: New construction of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science building
Ormož Municipality: Potable water supply in the Drava river basin – Ormož Region
Municipality of Benedikt: New construction of the Benedikt Kindergarten
Municipality of Cerkvenjak: New construction of the Cerkvenjak Kindergarten
Municipality of Dobrna: New construction of the Dobrna Kindergarten
Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia: Construction of the residential neighbourhood Brdo v ljubljani, area F5.2
Municipality of Idrija: Collection and treatment of wastewater
Municipality of Kočevje: Construction of the sewer network Dolga vas – Livold
Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Municipality of Kočevje: Renovation of the Kočevje Secondary School building, which was damaged in a fire
Municipality of Cerknica: Collection and treatment of wastewater in the Ljubljanica River basin – 2nd part
Municipality of Ptuj: Collection and treatment of wastewater in the Ptujsko Polje region
Municipality of Velenje: Renovation of the Velenje city centre – Promenade Project
Municipality of Središče ob Dravi: Collection and treatment of wastewater in the Drava River basin – 3rd part
Ormož Municipality: Construction of sewers and a water treatment plant
Housing fund of the Republic of Slovenia: Restoration works on the Poljansko Nabrežje residential neighbourhood