B2B – Culinary Arts and Tourism Academy, Vocational College for Catering and Tourism Maribor

New Construction

This is a building with specific features for the practical acquisition of competences regarding education in catering and tourism industries. Specialized classrooms (demonstration pastry shop, coffee shop, restaurant, à la carte corner, kitchen, travelling agency, hotel room, wellness, catering room and other facilities) are outfitted according to the latest educational trends and practices. With this project, the investor created conditions for a more integrated relationship between the school, the local environment, and the tourism economy.


Vocational College for Catering and Tourism Maribor

Building Phase


Responsibilities of the Proplus team

  • Review of project documentation
  • Review and re-creation of investment documentation
  • Tender procedure
  • Execution supervision

Surface Areas

2.282 m2

Project Value

4,8 milijona evrov


Helena Cvikl

Vocational College for Catering and Tourism, Director

After the bankruptcy of our chosen contractor, we worked together with ProPlus and executed a public procurement process for our difficult project. In the current stage of building construction, we are cooperating remarkably well with the company.

Sabina Brdnik

Responsible for the review and re-creation of investment documentation

An interesting and simultaneously difficult project, as I had to keep track of frequent changes of project solutions and sources of finance, and properly record them in the investment documentation.

Samo Potrč

Responsible for project management

In the tender procedure, we combined construction and the delivery of furnishings and technological equipment. Preliminary paperwork coordination procedures were quite demanding. I like working on projects, where the work is varied and stimulating, be it in an office or in the field. I like to learn new things in practice, which I then use on new projects.