Faculty of Medicine of the University of Maribor

New Construction

We are especially proud of our contribution in the construction process of the Faculty for Medicine of the University in Maribor, because it is one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. We assisted with the acquisition of EU funds. The collaboration with architects and medical professionals was a particular challenge. We have successfully supervised the building process as well as the installation of cutting-edge laboratory and diagnostic equipment.


University of Maribor

Building Phase


Responsibilities of the ProPlus Team

  • Collaborative setting of starting points and providing replacement housing
  • Preparation of investment documentation
  • Applying with the project to an EU co-financing tender
  • Work execution supervision
  • Collaboration in procedures with negotiations regarding implementation of current project adjustments

Surface Areas

12.770 m2

Project Value

€42 m


Ivan Krajnc

Faculty of Medicine, Dean

We are very happy with the building, it is great. ProPlus did an amazing job.

Vlado Šiško

Responsible for supervising electrical installations and devices

There are a vast number of fibre-optic lines and other installations in the building. There are 100,000 meters of computer UTP cables alone. The whole building is connected to a Central Control System. Another intriguing issue was the question of heating, which we solved with heat pumps. Over 26 litres of water every second satisfy two-thirds of the entire energy requirements of the building. The remaining third is provided with air-air pumps. There are remarkably few similar examples of such implementations in Slovenia.

Srečko Škerget

Responsible for construction supervision

Because of technological progress, the equipment kept changing even during the building phase, which required a high level of responsiveness from us. We learnt a lot, not the least of which during the building of the underground passage between the Faculty and the University Medical Centre. Personally, what I remember the most is the reading room with a large oval dome, which lets daylight directly into the room. In any case, this was an extremely difficult project, which resulted in the construction of a building that today dominates the right bank of the Drava River.