Ormož Castle Barn Complex


The investment included the reconstruction and a partial new construction, municipal infrastructure, and landscaping. The project is a model example of collaboration with historic preservation professionals. Even though the contractor was replaced during construction, we successfully completed the project. Today, the Castle Barn Complex is home to the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum and a music school.


Ormož Municipality

Building Phase


Responsibilities of the ProPlus Team

  • Preparation of investment documentation
  • Applying with the project to an EU co-financing tender
  • Tender procedure
  • Execution supervision

Surface Areas

2.220 m2

Project Value

€4.6 m


Alojz Sok

Mayor of the Ormož Municipality

Today, the greatest problems are already behind us. What we see in front of us is the wonderfully reconstructed Castle Barn Complex. I would like to thank all the participants and the staff of ProPlus, whose exemplary collaboration helped to produce the documentation and provided construction supervision.

Andrea Kasper

Responsible for execution of tender procedure, report and the preparation of investment documentation

I love to work on projects that enable us to gain additional project resources for the investor by successfully applying for tenders. The deadlines are always short; therefore, it is of critical importance that our professional output is top-notch.

Pavel Brglez

Responsible for construction supervision

The Castle Barn Complex, which is protected as a place of historic importance, was a highly specific project, due to the requirements of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. My workdays were varied, mostly depending on the terrain and construction site inspections, where I regularly faced new problems. But problems exist so we can solve them. And we know how to do just that.