University of Maribor, Student Dormitory Nr. 6

reconstruction, Energy-Saving Building restoration, Additional Construction

The project is a successful example of joining reconstruction, energy-saving building restoration and additional construction. The old building, which served many generations, was adapted for the needs of contemporary students. The new dormitory building provides comfortable living and is energy efficient. It also provides for visitors and students with disabilities.


University of Maribor

Building Phase


Responsibilities of the ProPlus Team

  • Preparation of investment and project documentation
  • Tender procedure
  • Execution supervision

Surface Areas

4.049 m2

Project Value

€4.1 m

Lidija Divjak Mirnik

Student Dormitories Maribor, Director

The collaboration with the ProPlus Team on the project was extremely professional. Their expert advice helped solve many problems. Instead of a run-down “warehouse”, students now have a new beauty to stay in, which makes them feel great.

Majda Male

Project documentation associate

Even though the project documentation is well prepared, the actual situation on-site is always different from the projected solutions. This makes my work ever-varied and engaging.

Srečko Škerget

Responsible for construction supervision

During reconstruction, we faced things that were impossible to anticipate during planning stages. You open up the walls and find something unexpected. We had to penetrate many existing walls, which were then checked by a structural engineer. We were also constrained by the deadline, but we successfully completed the project before the start of the semester.