The Team

Bojana Sovič

BSc in Civil engineering, CEO

My husband and I founded the company in 1998. We had professional expertise and extensive experience in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, architecture, and in economics. We felt the need for creativity, so we gathered a group of highly trained, dynamic experts who always stay on top of new developments in their respective fields.
Today, ProPlus has a staff of 15 experts with a wide array of skills and knowledge. We have 20 long-term partner companies. We are specialists in project design, tender procedures, supplying project solutions, preparation of investment documentation, auditing and review procedures, construction supervision, investment development monitoring, and preparing energy performance certificates.

Günter Sovič

Electrical engineer, Procurist

I have been in civil engineering and project management for over 30 years, so I am well versed in fieldwork and bureau operations. ProPlus has a group of experts that specialize in structural engineering and municipal infrastructure engineering, compliant with the Construction Act and FIDIC.
My wife and I are advocates of sustainable and low-energy construction. In the project preparation stage, we pay particular attention to the physical attributes of construction (heat, acoustics, moisture), which are ignored by many of our competitors due to their lack of qualified personnel.

PROPLUS Employees


Andrea Kasper

BSc in Economics

Samo Potrč

BSc in Economic engineering

Pavel Brglez

Civil Engineer

Ivan Jecelj

PhD, BSc in Civil engineering, Euroengineer

Tadeja Brdnik


Srečko Škerget

BSc in Civil engineering

Sabina Brdnik

BSc in Economy

Vlado Šiško

BSc in Electrical engineering

Emilija Hajdinjak

Building technician

Aleš Glavnik

MSc, BSc in Mechanical engineering, Euroengineer

Maja Fišer

Economics technician

Mitja Gamser

BSc in Economic engineering

Hubert Kasper

Electrical engineer

Irena Tihec


Jaka Sovič


Majda Male

Civil engineer



Nataša Vaupotič

Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Maribor

Our students work with the ProPlus Team in classes in the field of applied physics. Under the guidance of professors, students perform physical measurements on buildings (e.g. thermographic measurements) and analyse them. This gives them valuable practical experience. The cooperation with ProPlus is always professional. They always provide all necessary information regarding the location where measurements are to be taken in a timely manner, and they respond quickly to submitted data, which is of key importance for taking of high-quality measurements..

Daniela Dvornik Perhavec

University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Civil Engineering has been working together with the company ProPlus for many years. Our cooperation was strengthened by the formation of the Faculty’s Alumni Association in 2006, as the company’s director is also an alumnus of our faculty. The management of the company and its staff have a very positive and understanding relationship with the students that come to them for mandatory internships or summer jobs. They give the students the opportunity to get to know the work environment and to get a first-hand impression about the practical aspects of theoretically presented content of various subjects. The cooperation with the company also continues in the form of R&D projects that benefit both parties and are the driving force of development.

Uroš Klanšek, Nataša Šuman, Zoran Pučko

University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering

We worked with ProPlus on the development of a model for operative construction planning and monitoring, which is based on the BIM technology (Building Information Modelling). Our collaboration was very successful, and it has enabled the flow of new knowledge from the faculty to the company and vice-versa. The results of the collaboration were presented to the wider expert public and have garnered a lot of interest. This is clearly an example of an exemplary collaboration between the enterprise sector and a faculty.